Hauschka Interview – Finding meaning at the bottom of a Rift


Hauschka interview – Finding meaning at the bottom of a Rift

Interview Date: March 22 2013 @ 7:30 pm EST (4 pm PST) (Podcast Length: 30:56)

Special Guests: (Audio)  Hauschka  (a.k.a. Volker Bertelmann) (Part 1 of 2): is a wonderful example of a musician bridging the gap between the vibrant but challenging sounds of modern classical music with a more traditional and conservative style of playing, keeping classical music moving forward but doing it without substituting beauty or taste. Hauschka started his musical education as a child studying classical music on piano, but stopped around 18 to study medicine and economics, only to be drawn into hip hop and electronic music a few years later.  His music has shifted away from the straightforward hip hop and electronic sounds that we know in the clubs today to a more classical vein (ala John Cage with his interpretation of the prepared piano), using the piano as an experiment and adopting natural instruments but with electronic music in mind. Recently he teamed up with one of the biggest names in classical music, Hilary Hahn, to record Silfra.

“A lot of times we worked on set ups where we create sound and we said OK lets start with that one”  – Hauschka talking about working with Hillary Hahn on Silfra

Hauscka and Hilary Hahn - Silfra

In the interview, we talk about  where the name Hauschka and his Eastern European melancholic sound, his evolution as an artist, working with Hillary Hahn, the meaning behind Silfra and the process in making it, and we get into his other latest works and his remix album and wax philosophic on the concept of remixing.



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