Getting Knocked Out by Wanda Jackson (Part 2 of 2) – the Wanda Jackson interview [Listen 24:04] S03 Ep01


S03 Ep01 (Part2 of 2)- Getting knocked out by Wanda Jackson

Interview Date: August 23, 2012 @1pm EDT

Special Guest: Wanda Jackson –  has been called “The Queen of Rockabilly” and is by all accounts a Rock’n’Roll legend – she has a distinct style in both Rockabilly and Country (often bouncing between both styles on the same record). Credited as being the first women to record a Rock’n’Roll single; Wanda Jackson is a crucial figure in the Rock genre and the feminist movement.  In this podcast we talk about the songs “Mean Mean Man,” “Let’s have a party” “Fujiyama Mama”, Ken Nelson, Buddy Holly, Joe Maphis,and Roy Clark.

Wanda Jackson has some “Unfinished Business” coming out a week from today; her new album is out October 9 and is produced by Justin Towns Earle (Steve Earle’s Son) from Suger Hill Records. Check out more at:

Tribute to Joe Maphis

Joe Maphis, born Otis W. Maphis, known as “the King of the Strings,” and his playing lived up to the title. His custom built double necked Mosrite guitar had one shorter, and strung to an octave higher. He could play between the two seamlessly. He could play multiple stringed instruments equally well, as he displayed for audiences shifting through banjos, mandolins, and guitars. He played with some of the greats including Wanda Jackson, and his influence spread further to Merle Travis, Jimmy Bryant, and Chet Atkins.

To those in the know, he’s a respected guitarist, and one who’s skill earned him recognition in the Country Music Hall of Fame, where his double necked guitar can be seen on display; to those who don’t know him, he deserves a moment of your attention, where, he’ll easily capture and hold it for the duration. He was known for having a bit of flair and absolute ease of application. What is strange, in that I’ve never seen it mentioned, is that you can see it in his smile. It’s often there captured in his pictures; it’s not arrogant, it’s not cocky, but it’s a little sly and knowing.

You can see that he took a good deal of enjoyment from his craft. He’s not always captured with a smile on his face, but when he’s on-stage, it’s there. It’s as if he seems happiest with a stringed instrument in his hands. His visual appeal quickly led to earning him frequent appearances on television, including the Jimmy Dean Show, and with Jerry Lee Lewis on National television. So, if you’re not familiar with him, give him a listen. He’s bound to impress. Familiarize yourself with this country great; he’s bound to give you a thrill. He’s another one worth diving into the boxes of records of your local record store (the ones they keep under the stacks.) Good hunting.

Parting Thoughts:

I thought I might put a link to Joe Maphis knockin’ everyone out!

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