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S02 Ep05 (1 of 1) – Living in a reverse world with Anton Newcombe

Interview Date: April 13, 2012 @10:30am EDT (Podcast length 31:17)

Special Guest (Audio) Mr. Anton Alfred Newcombe is a free thinking intellect, passionate communicator, and singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist for the band The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I contacted Anton Newcombe by phone at his residence in Germany and got to have one of the most interesting and intense conversations I’ve had with an artist yet.

We talk about religion/spirituality, pitfalls of the music industry, the vinyl record industry, and topics from Rev. Jim Jones, to popular culture and onwards. He talks about his new album, Aufheben, the concept behind destroying something in order to preserve it and he even gives me a perfect example (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s use of the term.) He’s an amazing guest, great musician, and fascinating interview.

Aufheben the new Brian Jonestown Massacre album

From the Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy by Simon Blackwell – Aufheben (German, to supersede, to cancel) In the philosophy of Hegel, dialectical progress occurs when each of a thesis and its antithesis are aufgehoben, or overcome by a synthesis that builds only on the good bits of each. Often used as a knowing way of presenting a theory that overcomes and abolishes previous dualities or dichotomies.

Aufheben Record release on May 1 2012

Tracks are as follows:

  1. Panic in Babylon (4:39)
  2. Viholliseni Maalla(4:45)
  3. Gaz Hilarant(2:43)
  4. Illuminomi(3:52)
  5. I Wanna Hold Your Other Hand(4:31)
  6. Face Down on the Moon(5:12)
  7. Clouds Are Lies(3:25)
  8. Stairway to the Best Party(4:25)
  9. Seven Kinds of Wonderful(5:23)
  10. Waking Up to Hand Grenades(5:40)
  11. Blue Order New Monday(7:16)

listen to “I Want to Hold Your Other Hand” here:

Brian Jonestown Massacre

Anton Newcombe – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Drums & Electronics

Will Carruthers –  Bass & Backing Vocals

Matt Hollywood – Guitar

Constantine Karlis – Drums

Additional Musicians

Hallberg Daði Hallbergsson – Guitar

Hakon Adalsteinsson – Guitar

Eliza Karmasalo – Vocals on Viho

Friederike Bienert – Flute

Thibault Pesenti – Vocals on Illuminomi

Fab Leseure – Keyboards & Electronica

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Parting Thoughts:

I thought I might start off with showing you the video that Anton and I talk about “Waking up to Hand Grenades”:

You can check out all the tracks and his cool mashed together videos on YouTube:

Or here at his DeadTV station:

Another thing that gets brought up in the interview is Jacques Brel’s 1961 song “Le Moribond” and the 1974 cover version “Season’s in the Sun” by Terry Jacks; which version is your favorite?

On a separate topic Mickey Hart (formally of the Grateful Dead) has a new album just out (“Mysterium Tremendum”). I’ve listened to it and I have to say that I think is really great:

Lastly, my favorite blog site, Dangerous Minds, has been releasing some fantastic concert footage from Coachella. Full concerts by Radiohead, Black Keys, and Pulp. Thanks Dangerous Minds!


The Black Keys:
and Pulp:


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